Billy Corgan Treats Fans at Intimate Shows

This month the Smashing Pumpkins front man has given fans a shows that consist of the band’s early works and music he created in his prior band, Marked.

Appearing under the banner of ‘William Patrick Corgan Early Years 1985-1990’, what else should we expect?

Not surprisingly, footage from Corgan’s stripped-back gig on Saturday (October 9) has emerged on YouTube.

Here’s the set list:

‘Now That I Feel This Way’
‘Pictures Of Phillip’
‘First Curse’
‘Mao Say Tongue #1’
‘Ring Of The Shadow’
‘The Dream’
‘Mao Say Tongue #2’
‘The Vigil’
‘There It Goes’
“Jennifer Ever’
‘With You’
‘La Dolly Vita’


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