Did You Hear Our DUMB BASS of the day? (Yes, it’s a pun)

These guys are some serious dumb basses. Back in October of 2018, a 45-year-old guy named Robert and a 35-year-old guy named Kamron, both from Utah, competed together in a bass fishing tournament. The top prize was $2,500 for catching the five heaviest fish in two days.  And after Robert and Kamron turned in their fish on the first day, they were in second place. But they were soon disqualified . . . because the tournament officials noticed their bass didn’t look like ANY of the ones other people had been catching.  Quote, “They had little heads and fatter bodies, indicating a different diet . . . red fins, which indicated they’d undergone stress.” And yes, it turned out Robert and Kamron had SMUGGLED in pre-caught bass from a reservoir in a different part of Utah. There was a LONG investigation, but last week, both guys were charged with felony bribery or threat to influence a contest, plus some misdemeanor wildlife charges.  The felony charge could get them each up to five years in prison. 


This might be the most FLORIDA story we’ve had all week.  Late on Sunday night, the cops in Clearwater, Florida got a call about a fight in the parking lot of a mall.  And when they got there, they found a couple, quote, “naked within the car and wrestling with each other.”  The cops separated them and questioned them to find out what happened. The couple has been together for six months, they’d been drinking, and they decided to have sex in the car. And afterwards, the woman went outside of the car to PEE, and she used a napkin to wipe.  Then she, quote, “accidentally threw the napkin” on her boyfriend.  They started arguing, and then fighting. The cops determined that the guy started fight . . . even though it was his response to the pee napkin . . . so 21-year-old Robert Janisch was arrested for domestic battery.