11 O’Clock News 06/06/2018

Dave Grohl just loves falling off the stage. Looks like he’s at it again as he took a header from the stage while on tour in Europe but wait, something isn’t right here.

A couple of teaser videos have been posted to social media by Death Cab For Cutie over the last couple of months. With a new album due in August, I’ll bet we see one or two more sneak peeks. There are some tour dates added to their schedule for September and October. See them and the video clips here.

It is still a mystery whether or not Muse will release a new full length before the end of the year but the singles they’ve released have legs. It took some time but Thought Contaigion has crept to the top of the Billboard Alternative Music charts. It’s not the first time Muse have found themselves atop the charts. See their long history of hits here.



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