Roots of Alternative Podcast

95X’s Jack & dXn are looking back on the last 40 years of Alternative music to see how the genre came to be what it is today! Each week, we’ll discuss the biggest Alternative hits that defined the year, starting in 1980 until we reach 2020.

About the Hosts: dXn lived the earlier years of ALT music, while Jack wasn’t even born yet — he’s a 90’s baby and doesn’t know a ton about the early years, except for U2 for which he’s a huge fan. dXn, who has years of experience in the music industry will be Jack’s teacher along the way.

Jack is heard every Saturday and Sunday on 95X, while dXn is heard weekday afternoons and is also host of our new music discovery show, The Fringe, and our local music show, Local’s Only, every Sunday night on 95X.

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The year was 1982… | Roots of Alternative Podcast, Ep. 3

In episode three of The Roots of Alternative Podcast, Jack and dXn reflect on the year 1982 and had some of the biggest hits from The Clash, A Flock of Seagulls, Billy Idol, Modern English, and so much more. Listen to episode 3!MORE