Roots of Alternative Podcast

How has alternative music evolved over the years? What paved the way to the alternative music we all know and love today? Who were The Cure? (Wait… are you kidding me?!) This podcast seeks out to answer those questions as we discover the Roots of Alternative.

In each episode, our hosts recap some of the biggest chart topping hits in alternative music, starting in 1980 until we make our way to 2020. Our hosts, 95X personalities Jack & dXn take you on this journey. dXn, who is an expert on the music industry and lived through the early years of the genre, schools Jack, who wasn’t even born until 1990 and had never been exposed to a lot of early alternative in the first place.

It’s basically a show of two guys, from two different generations who both love alternative music. Expect a lot of nostalgia and a lot of discovery as we define the legacy and explore the Roots of Alternative.

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Check out the latest and past episodes below:

BONUS: dXn’s story about Swoon | Roots of Alternative Podcast

In our final bonus episode of season three, Jack & dXn talk about the Silversun Pickups album, Swoon, its impact on the decade, and break down some of the best songs on the album. dXn also shares his thoughts on the album, which include a very personal story about how it saved his life when he suffered through some…MORE

The year was 2009 | Roots of Alternative Podcast

LISTEN TO SEASON 3, EPISODE 10 – 2009 It’s 2009! In the season finale of the 2000’s decade, Jack & dXn reflect back on 2009 and the biggest alternative hits from that year. Pearl Jam came back with a new sound, Phoenix impacted with a hit from 1901, plus more songs from The Temper Trap,…MORE

The year was 2008 | Roots of Alternative Podcast

Jack and dXn take some extra time in this episode talking about all the mega hits from 2008, plus they’ll break down the Kings of Leon album “Only by the Night.” Listen now on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and the Audacity App.MORE

The year was 2007 | Roots of Alternative Podcast

It’s 2007 as Jack & dXn look back on the biggest hits from that year on the Roots of Alternative Podcast! Silversun Pickups, Fall Out Boy, and MGMT dominated the charts that year. Listen and subscribe now on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and 95X dot com.​MORE

The year was 2006 | Roots of Alternative Podcast

Go back to 2006 and Jack & dXn talk about the biggest alternative songs from bands like Panic! at the Disco, Taking Back Sunday, and My Chemical Romance. Listen and subscribe now on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and

The year was 2005 | Roots of Alternative Podcast

It’s 2005! Big hits included Green Day, Death Cab for Cutie, and Gorillaz, plus Coldplay’s third studio album X&Y. Jack & dXn take a deep dive into the Jack’s Mannequin album ‘Everything in Transit’ in Alternative 101. Subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and wherever you get your podcasts.MORE

The year was 2004 | Roots of Alternative Podcast

2004 included smash hits from Green Day, The Killers, Franz Ferdinand, My Chemical Romance, and Yellowcard all dominated the airwaves. Subscribe and listen on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and wherever you get your podcasts.MORE

The year was 2002 | Roots of Alternative Podcast

Some of the biggest arena anthems of the new millennium debuted in 2002 from bands like Jimmy Eat World, Good Charlotte, and Something Corporate. It’s all in the latest episode of the Roots of Alternative Podcast. Subscribe and listen on Apple Podcasts & Spotify.


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