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Hey there CNY!

You may have heard me on 95X, every weekend, but wait there’s more! I am also one-half of the Roots of Alternative Podcast with my co-host dXn. If you’re into alternative music history and want to know it’s roots, then check out our podcast on Apple Podcasts & Spotify.

So here’s my life story, well not really, but here are the basics. I grew up down the Thruway in Buffalo, lived in Syracuse for almost a decade and have been on the CNY airwaves for most of that time! I spent many years on 93Q, our sister station, before heading out to the west coast and working at ALT 949 for a while in San Diego. Now I’m back home and stoked to be closer to Wegmans again, but still miss my weekly In-N-Out visits! (Please come to the east coast)

My wife Racheal and I love to travel with our pug Bixby (follow him on IG: @BixbyThePug). We’ve taken him on road trips and camping trips all over the country. Now we’re on a mission to visit every National Park in the US! So far we’ve been to Acadia, Arches, Joshua Tree, Grand Canyon, and Gateway Arch. There are 62 of them so we have a long way to go, but we’ll get there.

Catch me every Saturday from 9AM – 2PM and every Sunday from 10AM – 2PM and give me a follow.. Let’s be friends! @onairwithjack [Instagram, Twitter]