11 O’Clock News 06/12/2018

The members of The 1975 made a really strong gesture for Pride Month. They recently saw that an online crowdfunder to help an LGBTQ Communty Center was nearing its last days and hadn’t hit its goal. With their donation, the target was surpassed. Find out more here.

There’s a guy on Instagram that has an interesting way to make portraits. He uses a 1980’s puzzle to craft his masterpieces. In fact, he uses hundreds of them. Find out what the object is and which famous musician he just added to his collection, right here.

Electronic music pioneer Moby is selling off part or all of his record collection for a charity he truly believes in. You’ll be able to purchase some of the vinyl he actually uses in his sets, test pressings, promos and even a couple of signed reissues. The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine could use your help. Reverb.com is Hosting the sale. See a little video statement where Moby shows off some of the items up for grabs here.

The Smasing Pumpkins rolled out their semi-reunion lineup including bass player Jeff Schroeder on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon on Monday. They debuted their new single, Solara. See how it went.





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