11 O’Clock News 07/09/2018

Talk about a loaded jam session, over the weekend during Pearl Jam’s set at the Belgium Rock Werchter Festival, members of the touring version of MC50 came out and did one truly punk version of Kick Out The Jams. Kim Thayil and Matt Cameron are touring with MC50, which is the anniversary version of seminal punk band, MC5. Cameron is also with Pearl Jam. Add Wayne Kramer and Marcus Durant and you’ve got a supergroup that could be called MotherPearlGardenTemple5 or something like that. See the performance here.

Twenty One Pilots have broken their social media silence. That’s not the only signal that their new music is about to drop. The band sent out emails with a GIF of an eye and a message. If you’ve been following the story of Clancy, it may all be a bit clearer to you. Fans in London shared photo with billboards incorporating their new logo with a yellow and black backdrop. For what it all could mean, do that clicky thingy right here.



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