If you’re a fan of The Cure, it’s been a pretty neat stretch over the last year, going back to the Summer of 2018 and adding their Rock N Roll Hall of Fame induction earlier this year and it’s not over. There’s a film set to drop based on the bands performance last July at London’s Hyde Park. Robert Smith would only say that they plan on a Summer date for the movie’s world-wide release. More here.

Thom Yorke is working on his Classical Music project right now and the other members of the newly inducted Rock N Roll Hall of Fame band Radiohead also have outside projects happening but that doesn’t mean they’re done making magic together. Yorke said that when they do get back together, he wants to revisit parts of the Kid A and Amnesiac material because he just dug up a lot of notes and recordings having to do with that period of the band. Click here to see what Ed O’Brien mentioned could be a time frame for such a reunion.