A Messy Shame

Over the weekend I found myself in Ithaca.  It’s barely an hour from Syracuse and GORGES (if you know Ithaca you get it)!  This past weekend was homecoming at Cornell University.  You know Cornell… super smart, very expensive, ivy league blah blah blah.  Ithaca, and by extension Cornell, is a very eco-conscious region of CNY.  The Wegman’s in Ithaca is one of the first to get rid of plastic bags (months before the law takes place).  So, while this sight wouldn’t have shocked me at another college… it blew my mind at Cornell…

This was about 9pm Saturday, and the house was empty.  This was just one of dozens of college houses I passed with yards looking like this.  The remains of thousands of plastic cups, tables, and eco-shame.  Who wants to pick that up?