The Vicious Halloween Candy Cycle

The Halloween Candy Cycle is the true evil of the season.  I can say this with absolute certainty as I eat the final kit kat bar from the 3rd bag of halloween kit kits I’ve bought for halloween.  No, not the 3rd bag of candy… the 3rd bag of kit kats.  TO BE FAIR… the first bag was bought in July so it’s really not thaaaaaat bad.  Someone posted a meme the other day about October being just an evil cycle of buying a bag of candy for the trick or treaters and then replacing it over and over again because you ate it.  Then I came across these beauties when looking for a bag of Nutrageous bars (which I couldn’t find, thank the Lord).  And of course, I got them.  They’re GIANT MAPLE FLAVORED MARSHMALLOWS.  Not really sure why it’s with the Halloween goodies when it needs to be with the CAMPING SUPPLIES!  Can you imagine this melted over french toast?  Or the ULTIMATE S’MORE?  Now… how to save them until next summer… may need to give them to Joe D to hang on to (he hates maple… I know, I don’t get it either)