The Death of a Legend is Felt by All


No matter what style you play or what type of percussive instrument you have chosen, you know the name Neil Peart. The legendary musician and lyricist for Rock & Roll Hall of Famers and Prog-Rock legend’s Rush has left a lasting memory on the music world as an influence and a true student of his chosen art. Even in his later years, he felt he could get better and used new methods and techniques to stay at the top ff his game. On Tuesday, the icon lost his battle with Brain Cancer. Here’s what people like Dave Grohl and Billy Corgan had to say about the influence of the man and his 3-piece Prog band had on their careers.


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On the passing of Neil Peart, please let me add my voice to the chorus in praising this incredible musician and poet. His influence on the Smashing Pumpkins is indelible: giving us wings to soar with and a road map to ultimately find our own way. There isn’t a modern rock drummer alive who hasn’t heard him, and spoken his name with a reverence that’s reserved for the very few. And as a lyricist, Mr. Peart is without compare. I am forever in his debt, and humbled to say that though I never met him, I feel I knew him as a friend. Which brings to mind his great line, ‘I can’t pretend a stranger is a long-awaited friend…’ May God embrace you, Neil, as His own RIP -William

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