Snowball Fight? DUCK YEAH!

It’s Shannon… you may have heard me talk about my daughter’s obsession with ducks.  Her first word was QUACK (I’m not joking).  She’s been collecting and lining up her rubber ducks since she was 1.  We currently have no less than 200 assorted duckies in our house… and now this…

DUCK BALLS.  OK, Duck snow balls, but duck balls makes me laugh!  Facebook knows me… threw this ad at me in December for a duck snowball mold…it came 3 weeks late for Christmas.  We had totally forgotten about ordering it… and it came over the weekend.  To say my daughter was thrilled is the understatement of the year.  Now I must apologize for any neighbors that get ducked in the face… (DUCKED IN THE FACE… this thing is the gift that just won’t stop giving LOLOLOL)