Dumb Criminals with The Morning Mess 2-5-2020

-In Connecticut police are looking for a gas station employee, who stole $17,000 worth of merchandise and cash on his first and only day on the job… and he took his employment file when he left too.

-a Youtuber tried to go viral by pretending to be viral… Dude said he had the coronavirus when on a plane headed to Jamaica.  Flight attendants gave the man a mask and gloves and ordered him to the back of the plane. The man started taking selfies before revealing that he was only joking and did not have the virus. The 29 year-old was arrested and charged with mischief as soon as the plane landed… after it turned back to Toronto and ruined everyone else’s flight.

– a masked man recently walked into a Joliet, Illinois Walmart wearing a sign that read, “Caution, I have the Coronavirus.” He allegedly caused $10,000 worth of damage by spraying Lysol on produce, clothing, and beauty items throughout the store.

-an Ottawa, Canada man allegedly burned over $1 miillion in cash so he wouldn’t have to give it to his wife as part of their divorce.

-A Utah man is facing criminal charges after police say he admitted to releasing mice and hamsters at least three times at different Utah hotels. Police allege that Ryan Sentelle State, 37, would release the rodents in his hotel room then complain about it to get the room for free.

a 68-year-old woman in Florida tased her 73-year-old husband after told her that after nine years of being married, he wanted a separation.  Hmmm, wonder why?