Dumb Criminals with The Morning Mess 2-11-2020


a tanned naked man was spotted practicing martial arts moves outside of a grocery store in New Zealand. People stopped and laughed at the man before taking pictures of him. One local posted; “Pak’nSave doesn’t have much of a dress code. Just don’t ask where he keeps his card.” Police have been unable to identify the man


Minneapolis, Minnesota firefighters recently rescued a man from the Mississippi River after Google Maps directed him to cross the water. Dude was just trying to get back to his hotel at 3 a.m. when Google Maps told him to cross the icy river. The man fell through the ice and had to be rescued. He is recovering from hypothermia


a 13 year-old boy and his friends, ages 10 and 12, recently stole a car… and hit a police car … then slammed into nine other vehicles at a Chicago car dealership. The boys were treated for minor injuries and taken into custody. The Jeep Cherokee was severely damaged …


There’s an 82-year-old guy named Ian Trainer in Liverpool, England.  He doesn’t hear so well, so when he listens to his classical music, he BLASTS it.  And it got to the point after a few years that his neighbors called the cops. Back in December, Ian’s neighbors got a court order that banned Ian from playing his classical music above a, quote, “normal talking level” of 65 decibels. But he ignored the warning and just kept blasting his music.  So he was arrested for violating the order. And on Thursday, he was sentenced to 24 WEEKS in JAIL. 


A 28-year-old woman named Shareeka Strawn was pulled over in Wichita Falls, Texas last month for not using a turn signal.  And Shareeka had an outstanding warrant.  So when they asked for her name, she said it was Porshala Strawn. But when the cops ran that name, it turned out Porshala ALSO had a warrant out for her. On the drive to jail, Shareeka admitted who she really was.And last week, the cops arrested her on her old warrant, plus some new charges for giving them false information.