Dumb Criminals on St Pat’s Day!

  • the Palma, Spain police recently arrested a woman for sunbathing in public. The woman was tanning in a public park when cops quickly arrived and detained her because outdoor spaces and parks have been shut down due to the coronavirus. The woman is now facing a fine for civil obedience and not complying with a state of emergency. She was taken away in a paddy wagon. The woman could be fined as much as $33,000.
  • con men have been posing as employees from the Centers for Disease Control to rob people in West Haven, Connecticut. The scam artists are going door-to-door in an effort to gain access to homes. They are trying to steal personal information and jewelry and cash. The police are warning people not to open their doors for fake CDC employees.
  •  the LAPD arrested a woman over the weekend for threatening to spit on them and give them the coronavirus. The woman parked in a handicap spot without a handicap sticker. When confronted, she claimed she had the coronavirus and was going to spit on officers. They arrested her for felony criminal threats. OH YEAH- SHE’S OUR DUMBASS OF THE DAY
  • the Salt Lake City police have asked criminals to stop committing crimes because the coronavirus. They posted; Due to the confirmed case of #COVIDー19 from community spread, SLCPD is asking all criminal activities/nefarious behavior to cease until further notice. We appreciate your anticipated cooperation in halting crime & thank criminals in advance.”
  • The Orem, Utah police posted, ”In light of recent events and health concerns concerning the Coronavirus (COVID-19), the Orem Police Department would like to announce that the City of Orem is closed to crime for the next two weeks. Please do not commit any vehicle burglaries, thefts, don’t do any drugs, slap your spouse, or even think about parking a vehicle on a street for more than 72 consecutive hours. Our dispatchers and officers do appreciate your cooperation. We will let you know when this crime ban has been lifted.”