The Go-Go’s Release a New Song to go with Showtime Doc

There’s a new Showtime Documentary on legendary and groundbreaking band The Go-Go’s and at the very end they are shown working on a new song. To celebrate the doc’s release, the band has dropped “Club Zero”, which is their first new track in 19 years.

The group’s director Alison Ellwood had this to say of the track and the band’s legacy: “As they say in ‘Club Zero,’ they’re ‘the new MVPs of the 21st century.’ They’ve gone through an awful lot in life and have a lot to share. They have the tone and attitude that we need right now. They’re all very political and engaged and care a lot about what’s happening. And I think that even though everyone still calls them ‘the girls,’ they are in fact women with a lot of heart and soul.”

Give the new Roots of Alternative podcast a listen and explore the bands, including The Go-Go’s that gave us the Alternative Music we have today.


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