And the Dumbass of the Day is… 8/14/2020

Sometimes we can’t pick just one… and today we had a theme… people who ended up in cop cars by “oops”…

A 19-year-old guy in Canada was drunk around 5:00 A.M. on Saturday and someone called the cops on him for, quote, “causing a disturbance.” When the cops showed up, the guy ran . . . and then hopped in the backseat of a cab and said, quote, “Take me to 17th Street, bro!”  There was just one problem:  It wasn’t a taxi.  The guy had jumped into an unmarked COP CAR. So instead of taking him to 17th Street, they took him to a holding cell until he sobered up.  And they wound up releasing him without charges.    

And in Auburn, Massachusetts police recently arrested Ryan Supernor after he got drunk, drove to the police station, and broke into a police car where he sat in the front seat. Cops were stunned and charged him with breaking and entering and drunk driving. 


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