The Morning Mess Dumbass of the Day 8-18-2020

Today we had a few AMAZING dumb criminals.  And we don’t mean amazing like they’re cool people.. we’re AMAZED they made it as far in life as they have…

  • On Friday, a woman robbed a Home Depot in Alabama . . . The woman backed her 2000 Pontiac Sunfire THROUGH the front doors of the Home Depot.  Then drove in reverse through the store, did a three-point turn, knocked over a shelf, and drove down an aisle. She stopped her car in the aisle, hopped out, stole a bunch of stuff . . . then got back in and drove out the same way she came in. Amazingly no one was hurt or killed. The cops are STILL trying to track her down. 
  • 48-year-old Heather Smith lives in Tierra Verde, Florida.  And on Saturday, she was on a boat with her 47-year-old husband and they got into an argument. He went below deck to go sleep it off. . . but Heather wasn’t done with the fight. So she opened up the boat’s port hatch, which was directly above the bed . . . and PEED on her husband. And when he went up to confront her, she bit him on the stomach. She was arrested for domestic battery.   

Today the dumbassed of the day were all about the ladies!!!


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