Dumb Criminals in the Nude on The Morning Mess

Something’s in the water… or we just call it “2020” syndrome… a lot of naked dumb criminals today!

  • In Virginia -police arrested a drunk, naked man for walking in the middle of the street. Drivers called 911 after seeing the drunk waving a knife and yelling in traffic. Cops arrived and tased the man before he dropped his knife and was charged with being drunk in public. He gave no reason for his actions. 


  • in California someone called 911 after they saw a nude woman walking around and singing. The caller complained the woman was singing loudly. The singer eventually put clothes on and left before cops arrived…  seems she took the hint and sang “Far, Far Away” (bah-dum-dum)


  • In Pennsylvania- Police recently arrested Barry M. Kreidler after he walked BARE naked through a campground. Barry was only wearing shoes when he just strolled through the Susquehanna Campground. Campers called 911 before cops quickly arrived and charged Barry with indecent exposure. He gave no reason as to why he was naked. #2020


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