A Reflection on the Legendary U2 Album ‘The Joshua Tree’ | Roots of Alternative BONUS

Bono performs on stage at Bills Stadium in Buffalo, NY during The Joshua Tree, 30th anniversary tour in 2017. Photo by 95X personality and Roots of Alternative podcast host, Jack.

It’s our first BONUS episode in the Roots of Alternative Podcast as Jack and dXn look back on one of the most influential albums from 1987, and arguably, one of the most influential albums of all time, U2’s The Joshua Tree.

In this very first bonus episode, Jack & dXn take a deep dive look at this album with the help of fellow broadcaster and current ESPN/Baltimore Orioles play-by-play announcer, Kevin Brown. What do U2 and baseball have in common you may ask? Well.. not much, but Jack & Kevin go way back from their days working on the Syracuse Chiefs broadcasts right here in the 315. Basically, they’re both HUGE U2 fans.

With the help of Kevin, Jack and dXn talk about how they discovered the band, the legacy of the album, and then go track-by-track with a full analysis of each song with some history, and maybe some little known facts!

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Check out the full track listing below along with some interesting videos and links mentioned in this episode. Also, remember to hit us up with a voice message or email dxn@95x.com with any comments or feedback for our next episode.

Next week, it’s on to 1988!




Both Jack & Kevin became fans of U2 right around the time this famous Apple commercial aired on TV in the US.


Kevin talked about U2’s spectacular performance on the Super Bowl Halftime Show in 2002, just months after the 9/11 attacks. This is one of the defining moments of the band in the early days of healing across America.

This video from NFL Media Originals takes you behind the scenes with interviews and the full performance.


dXn mentioned how Bono was inspired to write the song “Exit” because of a novel he read by Norman Mailer. The book is called “The Executioner’s Song.” You can learn more about it HERE.


Kevin also mentioned that it was Kirsty MacColl, a dear friend of U2 from the early days of the band, that actually formulated the track order on The Joshua Tree. She passed away in 2000. You can learn more about her HERE.


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