Icons of Alternative | The Killers


-Before forming The Killers, Brandon Flowers worked as a waiter

-Brandon and guitarist Dave Keuning wrote ‘Mr Brightside’ in their very first rehearsal

-Killers drummer Ronnie Vannucci has a degree in classical percussion from the UNLV (University of Nevada, Las Vegas)

-Former UK Prime Minister David Cameron was once spotted watching The Killers The Tory politician observed the gig at London’s Royal Albert Hall from a private box, of course

-Killers bassist Mark Stoermer is a gifted trumpet player He played in his school jazz ensemble, and later in the University Of Nevada marching band. Interestingly, another famous musician who played in a marching band as a teenager is Nine Inch Nails’ Trent Reznor.

-Brandon is the shortest member of the group  At 5’11, he’s dwarved by the other members of the band. Dave and Ronnie are both 6’2, while Mark is a lofty 6’5.

-Hit single ‘Mr Brightside’ has always charted in the Top 100 every year In an incredible feat, the track has been practically ever present in the upper echelons of the Official UK Singles Chart ever since its release in 2004. Its even more impressive when you consider it spent 35 consecutive weeks in the charts from July 2016 to March 2017.

-Brandon has a fear of flying and the number 621

-The band were asked to headline Glastonbury in 2005, but turned it down

-The Killers are the most successful band to ever come out of Nevada

They might have some competition when it comes to biggest band in the world, but they’ve definitely got their home state all sewn up. They’ve sold over 22 million records worldwide, leaving them way in front of any rivals.

-The Killers have a pre-show ritual, affectionately called ‘The Cuddle’ Brandon explains: “We all join together in a circle before we go onstage. Even our feet touch. It’s kind of like a soccer coach talking to the kids.”

-The woman on the ‘Sam’s Town’ artwork is a Las Vegas singer-songwriter Felice LaZae was shot by Anton Corbijn, who was also responsible for the iconic imagery of U2’s ‘The Joshua Tree’.


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