Mental Health Monday 2-22-21

Did you know that we’ve partnered with Helio.Health to have a discussion each Monday about a sensitive (for some) topic?  MENTAL HEALTH.  Did you know that an overwhelming majority of Americans suffer from some type of anxiety or depression at some point in their life?  For too long we’ve hurt ourselves by not talking it out.  By feeling alone.  By thinking we were damaged or not worth fixing.  TOO LONG.  The Morning Mess and 95X have recognized that we are ALL struggling with things.  We reached out to Helio Health and each week we talk about a new topic.  Today we talked about anxiety and depression in children… how it presents, which can be different than an adult would expect.  How to find the right help for your child, and even how to gently bring it up with a friend.  NEXT week we’ll talk about parenting, how to forgive yourself for the daily mistakes and learn to make better mental health choices for yourself and children.  Click here to listen to this week’s podcast!  And join us next Monday at 9:05.  If you have a question for the experts just email


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