What Day Is It? *(Tomorrow) AND it’s Legal???

A couple of weeks ago NY legalized marijuana for adult recreational use.  Although we’re still a year or more away from having our dispensaries open and running… our neighbor to the East has business booming!  We took a quick trip to MA to the craziest place I’ve ever been.  It was barely 30 minutes past Albany, so just into MA and right off the the I-90.  We placed our orders on their website.  We placed an order for MARIJUANA online… and then pulled up for CURBSIDE service.  WHAT?  Seriously… what is going on? I can’t tell you how strange it was to just buy it at a store… it’s now legal.  We laughed like idiots when our brown paper bags (sealed) were handed over containing goodies we couldn’t wait to sample!  We just ordered it online and picked it up.  CRAZY.  I’ve got disc problems… degenerative disc disease.  Discs are bulging always.  The pain is just always there… my baseline on any day on the 1-10 scale is a 3.  I don’t remember a day when there was zero pain. So when I tell you that I fully understand and embrace the medicinal side of marijuana… I am being absolutely sincere.  One of the “flavors” we tried was recommended by staff for its pain relief qualities.  I’m telling you, for a few hours I had zero back pain.  I felt the affects but I wasn’t “stoned”.  Just the mild head buzz of maybe 1 glass of wine.  But, it worked better than the narcotic painkillers I’ve got an RX for and won’t cause stomach issues.  And it’s legal now.  I bought it.  Legally.  In a store.  And it’s legal to have.  It’s so strange.  It’s just… woah.  Happy 4-20 …. be safe and enjoy!