Foo Fighters delivered a night 20 years in the making in Syracuse [Photo Gallery]

The Foo Fighters perform at St. Joseph’s Health Amphitheater in Syracuse, Wednesday, Septembee, 15 2021. Photo by Racheal Morrow / The Bixby Co. for 95X.

The Foo Fighters returned to Syracuse after an almost 20 year hiatus Wednesday night, and they returned in style.

The show, which was scheduled to begin at around 7:30 with their opener Bambara, was delayed by about an hour after the Foo Fighter’s plane was stuck on a runway waiting for rough weather conditions to pass. Dave Grohl and company finally took to the stage by around 9:45 Wednesday night to an electric crowd, who had all stuck around after an announcement was made the band would be delayed.

Grohl said after emerging on stage that they “wouldn’t miss this s*it for the world, man.”

The party closed out just before midnight with their hit single, “Everlong.”