Foster The People are Finishing Up 3 Full Albums

During lockdown our favorite artists had a lot of time to create and Foster The People didn’t waste any of it.

In a recent interview, Mark Foster said that there are 3 totally unique and different style albums either done or almost done and ready to be released.

This was Mark’s direct quote on the topic: “I would say that the headspace that we’re in right now, there’s multiple records that we’ve been working on, that are all very different from each other,” Foster said. “We’ve got one record that’s a little bit more in the ’50s and ’60s realm, we’ve got another in the ’70s and ’80s realm, and then we’ve got an abstract instrumental record that plays with solfeggio frequencies and ancient tunings. I wouldn’t call it a meditation record, but it’s more of a high concept record and is predominantly instrumental.”

You can click HERE to read the entire Billboard interview.

Even though they recently parted ways with their drummer and co-founding member Mark Pontius, they recorded the instrumental album at his place and it will be their final recording that he’s featured on.