Remembering Andy Fletcher

Andy Fletcher formed Depeche Mode along with Vince Clarke, Martin Gore and Dave Gahan in Basildon, England in 1980. The group would become New Wave superstars and a true Roots of Alternative band.

In 1981 came their first album, ‘Speak and Spell‘, with standout tracks “New Life” and one of the band’s enduring hits, “Just Can’t Get Enough.” Over the years, the band released 14 albums and were nominated for and won numerous awards.

This was the post on the band’s social media pages announcing his passing

Andrew John Leonard Fletcher was born on July 8th, 1961 in Nottingham, England. He was married to Gráinne Fletcher for almost 30 years. They had two children.

Fletch not only handled the band’s finances but was their PR person, as they had no official Manager. His role was much more than Bass player and Keyboardist. He even acted as the tie-breaking vote when big decisions about anything had to be made.

Whenever he was on hiatus from Depeche Mode, Fletcher played occasional festivals and club gigs as a DJ. He was an avid Chess enthusiast. In the 90’s he owned a restaurant in London.

Andy died on May 26th, 2022 of natural causes.

In 2020, Depeche Mode got inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

Due to Covid restrictions, the band had to give their Rock Hall speeches remotely

The tunes, they speak for themselves. Here’s a taste. What kind of memories do these spark?